[PATCH, ARM] [1/3] iWMMXt intrinsics maintenance and pipeline description

Xinyu Qi xyqi@marvell.com
Wed Jun 29 09:15:00 GMT 2011


This patch maintains iWMMXt intrinsics code, and adds WMMX pipeline description.

*config/arm/arm.c (arm_option_override): Enable iWMMt with VFP
 (enum arm_builtins): Add/fix iWMMXT/iWMMXT2 intrinsics.
 (builtin_description bdesc_2arg): Same.
 (builtin_description bdesc_1arg): Same.
 (arm_init_iwmmxt_builtins): Same.
 (arm_expand_binop_builtin): Same.
 (arm_expand_builtin): Same.
 (arm_output_iwmmxt_shift_immediate): New function. Same.
 (arm_output_iwmmxt_tinsr): New function. Same.
*config/arm/iterators.md: Same.
*config/arm/mmintrin.h: Same.
*config/arm/arm.md: Same. Add wtype.
*config/arm/iwmmxt.md: Same.
*config/arm/iwmmxt2.md: New file. Same.
*config/arm/arm-protos.h: Add new functions protos.
*config/arm/marvell-f-iwmmxt.md: New file. 
 Add Marvell WMMX pipeline description.

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