[Patch, AVR]: AVR backend cleanup: use elfos.h

Georg-Johann Lay avr@gjlay.de
Mon Jun 27 19:32:00 GMT 2011

Denis Chertykov schrieb:
> 2011/6/27 Georg-Johann Lay:

>>Is there a specific reason not to emit .ident?
>>If not, I would remove the #undefs of IDENT_ASM_OP and
>>ASM_OUTPUT_IDENT from avr/elf.h.
> Sorry, I forgot.
> Denis.

It's just a marginality... please pick one of:

[ ] Leave the patch as is (and add a comment).


[ ] Remove the undefs so that we have .ident.
     There's nothing terrific about it, it just adds
     some text to .comment section.  I guess it's missing
     because noone ever added it.


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