[testsuite] scan-assembler variants to use 'unresolved' for missing file

Mike Stump mikestump@comcast.net
Sun Jun 26 07:59:00 GMT 2011

On Jun 20, 2011, at 1:34 PM, Janis Johnson wrote:
> Variants of scan-assembler, used in the dg-final steps of a test, do
> not check that the output file exists, so it's reported as an error.
> With this patch, if the file is missing then the check is reported as
> unresolved using the same message as for pass/fail, and the reason for
> the unresolved test is reported in the log file.  This matches recent
> changes for scan-dump and object-size.
> OK for trunk, and later for 4.6?

Ok.  Ok for 4.6.  Please watch for any fall out, don't expect any, but...

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