PR tree-optimize/49373 (IPA-PTA regression)

Jan Hubicka
Thu Jun 23 11:57:00 GMT 2011

> Ok, but please change the IPA inline gate to honor flag_no_inline
> (thus, (optimize && !flag_no_inline) || flag_lto || flag_wpa).
> Thanks for working on this, I'll look to some followup cleanups
> for PTA.  Now, when it works on LTRANS units we have to do
> some adjustments (like not disable it in opts.c ;)) - do we know

Yep, I decided that it can go as a followup. Thanks for working on this!
BTW the PTA solving time seems rather high now not only for libjava, but
also for tramp3d and other bigger units I tested.

> whether a function is only called from within a ltrans unit somehow?

When you look at the cgraph, the flags are set as at WPA time.
I.e. if function is local to program it has externally_visible 0
and then you have used_from_other_partition/in_other_partition flags
saying how the other ltrans partitions behave to your function.

If you decide to ignore cgraph (that is probably not coolest idea),
you have the usual PUBLIC flag that is set for all objects used cross
ltrans boundary (since they are now hidden public symbols).

You also have the address taken shipped from WPA info, so you know if other
units reads/writes the objects or also take its address that probably comes


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