[libjava] Fix md5test, shatest on Tru64 UNIX with native libiconv (PR libgcj/49314)

Andrew Haley aph@redhat.com
Tue Jun 21 17:24:00 GMT 2011

On 06/21/2011 02:55 PM, Rainer Orth wrote:
> As described in the PR, unless the UTF-8 encoding of \ufeff is padded
> with a NUL byte, the iconv_init test fails for the native Tru64 UNIX
> libiconv, iconv_byte_swap isn't set correctly and later iconv calls
> fail.  This patch fixes this, allowing the arraycopy testcase in the PR
> and the actual md5test and shatest testcases to succeed.  This way, I
> get clean libjava testsuite results.
> Tested by rebuilding libgcj.so with the fixed natIconv.cc.  A full
> rebuild and test of libgcj is currently running on alpha-dec-osf5.1b.
> Ok for mainline if it passes?
> Thanks.
> 	Rainer
> 2011-06-21  Rainer Orth  <ro@CeBiTec.Uni-Bielefeld.DE>
> 	PR libgcj/49314
> 	* gnu/gcj/convert/natIconv.cc (iconv_init): Pad in[] with NUL byte.

Sure, thanks.


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