Patch: speed up compiler a little bit by optimizing lookup_attribute() and is_attribute_p()

Dimitrios Apostolou
Tue Jun 21 13:55:00 GMT 2011

Hi Nicola,

my patch is too simple compared to yours, feel free to work on it as much 
as you wish, no need to credit me since you posted it independantly. I 
just posted it to note that the inlining part is the one providing most 
performance benefit.

richi: I used always_inline because it is the case that you *never* want 
it to be out-of-line, since it's a small wrapper function providing 
important performance benefit. Do you think a macro would be better?


P.S. Nicola, if you remember it, please keep me Cc'd in further posts of 
yours related to performance of gcc

On Tue, 21 Jun 2011, Nicola Pero wrote:
> Dimitrious
> I didn't realize you were working on this.  Your patch is indeed very similar. :-)
> Can I go ahead and rewrite mine following Richard's suggestions (which would make it
> even more similar to yours), and add your name to the ChangeLog entry too ?
> Thanks

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