RFA (fold): PATCH for c++/49290 (folding *(T*)(ar+10))

Michael Matz matz@suse.de
Fri Jun 17 14:17:00 GMT 2011


On Thu, 16 Jun 2011, Richard Guenther wrote:

> > If people want to not create useless conversions in the first place, 
> > though, I suspect there are lots of places that create useless 
> > conversions in the compiler.
> Yeah, the above looks it comes from the frontends - gimplification 
> should strip this conversion, if it doesn't that is a bug ;)

Well, Mike said this view_convert_expr actually is on the LHS of an 
assignment.  I wouldn't be surprised if nobody strips "useless" 
conversions of LHSes, exactly because such things on a LHS are no 


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