[Patch, Fortra, Coarray] Free allocated memory for static coarrays.

Tobias Burnus tobias.burnus@physik.fu-berlin.de
Thu Jun 16 12:55:00 GMT 2011

Hi Daniel,

Daniel Carrera wrote:
> This patch adds a linked list to keep track of the allocated
> memory of all static coarrays and ensures that at the end of
> the program the memory is freed.

+_gfortran_caf_register (ptrdiff_t size,	caf_register_t type,
 			void **token)

Between "size," and "caf_register_t" is a <tab> instead of a simple " ".

 _gfortran_caf_init (int *argc, char ***argv, int *this_image, int *num_images)
+  if (this_image)
+    this_image = caf_this_image;
+  if (num_images)
+    num_images = caf_num_images;

As you mentioned yourself (in a private mail, commenting on my code):
There is a "*" missing at the left side of the assignment lines.

+_gfortran_caf_register (ptrdiff_t size, caf_register_t type,
                         void **token)
+  token = malloc (sizeof (void*) * caf_num_images);
+  /* Start MPI if not already started.  */
+  if (caf_num_images == 0)
+    _gfortran_caf_init (NULL, NULL, NULL, NULL);

Wrong order for the "token" allocation: You first need to know how many
images exists, before you can use "caf_num_images".

+  MPI_Allgather (local,    sizeof (void*), MPI_BYTE,

There is a <tab> character between "local," and "sizeof"; it should
have been a space.

Have you tested the modifications with MPI? I mean: Compiling mpi.c,
and then in gcc/testsuite/gfortran.dg/coarray:

for I in *.f90; do echo ====== $I =====; \
  mpif90 -fcoarray=lib $I mpi.o && mpiexec -np 3 ./a.out; done

Additionally, have you run test suite? It is sufficient to run recompile
gfortran (to create the latest libcaf_single.a from single.c) and then to
  make check-gfortran RUNTESTFLAGS="caf.exp"
(caf.exp is sufficient as the rest of the testsuite does not use
libgfortran/caf/single.c, which is the only thing your patch modifies.)

Otherwise, your patch looks OK.

who has currently no access to the GCC source code and can hence not
test himself.

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