Fix PR49154-related SEGV in IRA. And ping.

Vladimir Makarov
Thu Jun 9 16:28:00 GMT 2011

On 06/08/2011 10:27 PM, Hans-Peter Nilsson wrote:
> First, a ping for
> <>;
> updated regclass documentation.  Ok?

Sorry for the delay.  I actually thought about a better formulation for 
some time and forgot about this because I had to work on other urgent 

I'd not say that is the best description of the requirement but I can 
not formulate the better one which is not too complicated.  So it is 
better to have something close than nothing.  It is ok for me.

> Second, I updated the CRIS port to fit the proposed
> documentation update (adding a class as the patch you sent, but
> more complete), with regtest results clean for revisions before
> the revision where build started failing.  But, after that
> revision, I get a SEGV; details added to
> <>.  At first
> I thought I messed up the regclass description but it appears to
> be just an obvious miss, fixed below.  If it isn't, I think
> setup_regno_cost_classes_by_mode should have a comment as to who
> else should set up regno_cost_classes[regno] and that "who else"
> needs to be fixed to do the setup.  Odd that this bug didn't
> trig before or for any of the targets on which you tested.
> Maybe that makes cris-elf qualify for the set of targets you
> test IRA changes on?
> By the way, can we do a s/_aclass/_class/ in applicable files,
> for example ira-costs.c?  Someone appears to have done a botched
> word-replace of class to aclass; besides the identifier "class"
> it changed occurrences within identifiers too (at least those
> after a _) so we have e.g. cost_classes_aclass_cache and
> setup_regno_cost_classes_by_aclass vs. cost_classes_mode_cache
> and setup_regno_cost_classes_by_mode.
> Tested on cris-elf; together with the mentioned update it
> restores build with results consistent with those before the
> breakage.
> Ok to commit?

Yes.  Thanks for fixing this.

> gcc:
> 	PR rtl-optimization/49154
> 	* ira-costs.c (setup_regno_cost_classes_by_mode): If there
> 	already is a matching slot in the hashtable, assign it to
> 	classes_ptr.
> diff --git gcc/ira-costs.c gcc/ira-costs.c
> index f517386..a22bb15 100644
> --- gcc/ira-costs.c
> +++ gcc/ira-costs.c
> @@ -299,6 +299,8 @@ setup_regno_cost_classes_by_mode (int regno, enum machine_mode mode)
>   	  classes_ptr = setup_cost_classes (&classes);
>   	  *slot = classes_ptr;
>   	}
> +      else
> +	classes_ptr = *slot;
>         cost_classes_mode_cache[mode] = (cost_classes_t) *slot;
>       }
>     regno_cost_classes[regno] = classes_ptr;
> brgds, H-P

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