[build] Move ENABLE_EXECUTE_STACK to toplevel libgcc

Joseph S. Myers joseph@codesourcery.com
Tue Jun 7 19:17:00 GMT 2011

On Tue, 7 Jun 2011, Rainer Orth wrote:

> > So my view is that you should define __LIBGCC_TRAMPOLINE_SIZE__, only if 
> > -fbuilding-libgcc.
> I can give it a try if I can figure out how to define -fbuilding-libgcc
> via the option handling machinery.  I just want to avoid having to

That should be no more than

; Define extra predefined macros for use in libgcc.
C ObjC C++ ObjC++ Undocumented Var(flag_building_libgcc)

in c.opt.

Joseph S. Myers

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