Initialize INSN_COND (was: C6X port 5/11: Track predication conditions more accurately)

Steve Ellcey
Fri Jun 3 18:04:00 GMT 2011

> Note that I am using r174594 sources with your patch *AND* with the patch
> Bernd proposed for PR 48673 (
> So this regression may be due to the other change.  I will look into it some
> more to see if I can figure out which change is causing this regression.  I did not
> see any other regressions.
> Steve Ellcey


Following up to my own email, removing Bernd's patch for PR 48673 did
not make this failure go away.  But Bernd's patch does fix the
gfortran.dg/sms-* failures I reported in PR 48673 so unless you or
Andrey have an objection to it, I would like to approve that patch for

Steve Ellcey

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