[pph] Removing unused timevars following pph instrumentation removal patch (issue4568053)

Gabriel Charette gchare@google.com
Fri Jun 3 17:29:00 GMT 2011

Removed the 3 PPH timevars used in pph instrumentation. Those are not used
anymore following the instrumentation removal patch.

Bootstrap build and regression testing were successful.

2011-06-03  Gabriel Charette  <gchare@google.com>

	* timevar.def (TV_PPH_CACHE_IN): Remove.
	(TV_PPH_CACHE_OUT): Remove.
	(TV_PPH_MANAGE): Remove.

Index: timevar.def
--- timevar.def	(revision 174568)
+++ timevar.def	(working copy)
@@ -69,11 +69,6 @@
 DEFTIMEVAR (TV_PTH_SKIP_TOKENS       , "PTH skip cached tokens")
 DEFTIMEVAR (TV_PTH_INIT              , "PTH initialization")
-/* Time spent handling PPH state.  */
-DEFTIMEVAR (TV_PPH_CACHE_IN          , "PPH cache in")
-DEFTIMEVAR (TV_PPH_CACHE_OUT         , "PPH cache out")
-DEFTIMEVAR (TV_PPH_MANAGE            , "PPH bookkeeping")
 DEFTIMEVAR (TV_CGRAPH                , "callgraph construction")
 DEFTIMEVAR (TV_CGRAPHOPT             , "callgraph optimization")
 DEFTIMEVAR (TV_VARPOOL               , "varpool construction")

This patch is available for review at http://codereview.appspot.com/4568053

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