Initialize INSN_COND (was: C6X port 5/11: Track predication conditions more accurately)

Steve Ellcey
Thu Jun 2 22:30:00 GMT 2011

On Thu, 2011-06-02 at 15:29 +0400, Alexander Monakov wrote:
> Bernd,
> The problem is INSN_COND should be reset when initializing a new deps
> structure, otherwise instructions may get stale conditions from other
> previously analyzed instructions.  Presuming that sd_init_insn is the
> proper place for that, I'll test the following patch.
> 2011-06-02  Alexander Monakov  <>
> 	* sched-deps.c (sd_init_insn): Initialize INSN_COND.
> 	* sel-sched.c (move_op): Use correct type for 'res'.  Verify that
> 	code_motion_path_driver returned 0 or 1.

I tested this patch on my IA64 HP-UX box and did not see any
regressions.  It fixed the problem I was having.

Steve Ellcey

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