Eric Botcazou
Thu Jun 2 21:53:00 GMT 2011

> This exposed a couple of similar bugs in cse.c and postreload-gcse.c: the
> code was effectively treating a basic block with a single, abnormal
> incoming edge as if the edge was normal.

I've installed the following refined fix, after testing on i586-suse-linux and 
sparc-sun-solaris2.10.  Most EDGE_ABNORMAL edges can very likely be treated 
normally here, for example EH edges when call-saved registers are considered.
The only really problematic ones are EDGE_ABNORMAL_CALL edges when there is a 
non-local label in the function, because even call-saved registers are not 
guaranteed to be preserved in this case.

2011-06-02  Eric Botcazou  <>

	* cse.c (cse_find_path): Refine change to exclude EDGE_ABNORMAL_CALL
	edges only, when there is a non-local label in the function.
	* postreload-gcse.c (bb_has_well_behaved_predecessors): Likewise.

Eric Botcazou
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