better wpa [2/n]: merge some top-level trees

Michael Matz
Wed Jun 1 15:07:00 GMT 2011


so here's something more of my patch queue.  It adds the facility to merge 
also other trees than types over compilation unit borders.  This specific 
patch only deals with STRING_CST and INTEGER_CST nodes.  Originally I used 
that place for merging declarations, hence the naming of some variables.  
That needs to wait for adjustments of the cgraph/varpool streamer.

On building cc1 the overall numbers of trees that stay around after all 
global sections are streamed in goes down from 620818 to 598843 trees, 
overall saving 1 MB (out of 76 MB for just the trees).  Not much, but 

Regstrapping on x86_64-linux in progress.  Okay for trunk?


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