-fdump-passes -fenable-xxx=func_name_list

Richard Guenther richard.guenther@gmail.com
Wed Jun 1 08:51:00 GMT 2011

On Wed, Jun 1, 2011 at 1:34 AM, Xinliang David Li <davidxl@google.com> wrote:
> The following patch implements the a new option that dumps gcc PASS
> configuration. The sample output is attached.  There is one
> limitation: some placeholder passes that are named with '*xxx' are
> note registered thus they are not listed. They are not important as
> they can not be turned on/off anyway.
> The patch also enhanced -fenable-xxx and -fdisable-xx to allow a list
> of function assembler names to be specified.
> Ok for trunk?

Please split the patch.

I'm not too happy how you dump the pass configuration.  Why not simply,
at a _single_ place, walk the pass tree?  Instead of doing pieces of it
at pass execution time when it's not already dumped - that really looks

The documentation should also link this option to the -fenable/disable
options as obviously the pass names in that dump are those to be
used for those flags (and not readily available anywhere else).

I also think that it would be way more useful to note in the individual
dump files the functions (at the place they would usually appear) that
have the pass explicitly enabled/disabled.


> Thanks,
> David

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