[Patches, Fortran] ALLOCATE & CAF library.

Tobias Burnus burnus@net-b.de
Thu Jul 21 15:47:00 GMT 2011

On 07/21/2011 05:20 PM, Daniel Carrera wrote:
> From what you posted, it looks like I sent the wrong patch. I 
> generated the patch again with a different name just to make sure I'm 
> not mixing it up (attached).

The patch is identical to the previous one. I wonder what goes wrong, 
but it applies cleanly to the trunk and indeed looks as if the goto is 
in the wrong part. I only see GOTO_EXPR at:

+      if (!gfc_array_allocate (&se, expr, stat, errmsg, errlen))
@@ -4861,3 +4878,9 @@ gfc_trans_allocate (gfc_code * code)
+             if (gfc_option.coarray == GFC_FCOARRAY_LIB
+ && gfc_expr_attr (expr).codimension)
+               tmp = build1_v (GOTO_EXPR, label_finish);
+             else
+               tmp = build1_v (GOTO_EXPR, label_errmsg);

And also the indention indicates that it is still in the 
"!gfc_array_allocate" branch.

> Ok. The attached patch includes that change (technically I haven't 
> tested it, but I'll test before committing).

I think something goes seriously wrong with diffing: As the patch is 
identically, it is not included.

I do not know mercury, but "git" distinguishes between a modification 
which is just in the directory and can be shown with "git diff" - and 
one which has been staged with "git add" and shown with "git diff 
--cached". (And those patches committed locally via "git commit".)

I wouldn't be surprised if mercury does something similar.


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