[RFC PATCH 0/9] CFG aware dwarf2 cfi generation

Richard Henderson rth@redhat.com
Thu Jul 14 23:10:00 GMT 2011

This finally brings us to something that can support shrink-wrapping.
As mentioned in the description of the last patch, this is 95% of 
what Bernd had in his last 007-dw2cfg patch, except for the remember/
restore_state stuff.  And hopefully with better comments.

This is the first version of this that has actually made it into
stage3 bootstrap on x86_64, so it isn't well tested yet.  This just
happens to coincide with the end of my work day, and it's been a while
since I've shared state, so I thought I'd post for overnight review.

The complete tree is available at

  git://repo.or.cz/gcc/rth.git rth/cfi-pass


Richard Henderson (9):
  dwarf2cfi: Introduce a dw_cfi_row state.
  dwarf2cfi: Rename cfi_insn to add_cfi_insn.
  dwarf2cfi: Populate CUR_ROW->REG_SAVE.
  dwarf2cfi: Implement change_cfi_row.
  dwarf2cfi: Remove dw_cfi_row_ref typedef.
  dwarf2cfi: Convert queued_reg_save to a VEC.
  dwarf2cfi: Allocate reg_saved_in_data in the heap.
  dwarf2cfi: Introduce dw_trace_info.
  dwarf2cfi: Generate and connect traces.

 gcc/dwarf2cfi.c | 1672 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++-------------------------
 gcc/dwarf2out.c |  159 ++++--
 gcc/dwarf2out.h |    5 +-
 3 files changed, 1030 insertions(+), 806 deletions(-)


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