[Patch, ObjC*/testsuite, committed] Update Object1 following 4.6 improvements.

IainS developer@sandoe-acoustics.co.uk
Wed Jan 12 12:07:00 GMT 2011

more ObjC* test-suite  housekeeping...

Object1 was introduced before 4.5 forked to allow us to manage the  
differences between Darwin >= 9 implementations of NeXT ObjC and GCC.
Although we still generate the wrong code for m64 NeXT, we have made a  
lot of progress on the parsing side.

This updates the Object1 implementation to reflect this.

FWIW, I added a category on Object providing +initialize for GNU  
runtime too (saves repeating this process), optional, of course.

I have just been through the entire ObjC* testsuite, I can reassure  
Nicola that, even with the rationalization of some of this, we will  
still retain a variety of test-scenarios.

The change revealed that there are still some tests that have not been  
updated to include an API2 pathway (required for Darwin >= 9 to use  
default headers).

tested on x86_64-{linux,darwin10}, i686-darwin={8,9}
applied as 168705.


	* objc-obj-c++-shared/Object1.h: Add copyright header, update
	comments.  Add a TEST_SUITE_ADDITIONS category for GNU runtime.
	Amend NeXT version to declare a TEST_SUITE_ADDITIONS carrying the
	methods missing from the OBJC2 Object.
	* objc-obj-c++-shared/Object1-implementation.h: Add copyright header.
	Amend implementation to use a TEST_SUITE_ADDITIONS category for both  
	and NeXT runtimes.
	* objc-obj-c++-shared/Object1.mm: Remove redundant header, update
	* objc-obj-c++-shared/Object1.m: Likewise.
	* objc.dg/encode-3.m: Update header use.  Amend to be API2 compatible.
	* objc.dg/proto-qual-1.m: Likewise.
	* obj-c++.dg/proto-lossage-3.mm: Likewise.
	* obj-c++.dg/proto-qual-1.mm: Likewise.

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