4.5 RFA: C++ PATCH for c++/43648 (ice on valid explicit destructor call)

Richard Guenther rguenther@suse.de
Wed Apr 7 08:31:00 GMT 2010

On Tue, 6 Apr 2010, Jason Merrill wrote:

> My changes to implement DR 147 caused the lookup of ScalarView::~ScalarView to
> produce a TYPENAME_TYPE for the lookup of the second "ScalarView".  And since
> ScalarView is a local typedef, resolving the TYPENAME_TYPE at template
> instantiation time fails.
> This patch fixes this testcase by just recognizing that the name matches the
> name before the ::~ and leaving it at that.  This isn't a complete fix, but
> should cover the common cases.
> This patch seems small enough, and the regression potentially serious enough,
> to be worth putting into 4.5.0 if that's feasible.

If you are confident of the patch then it's ok to commit to the branch


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