[Patch, Fortran] SELECT TYPE with associate-name

Janus Weil janus@gcc.gnu.org
Wed Oct 7 11:58:00 GMT 2009

2009/10/7 Steven Bosscher <stevenb.gcc@gmail.com>:
> On Wed, Oct 7, 2009 at 10:59 AM, Janus Weil <janus@gcc.gnu.org> wrote:
>> Btw: This associate-name feature of SELECT TYPE is practically
>> identical to the ASSOCIATE statement, which means that the latter
>> could be implemented with pretty much the same technique (plus some
>> parsing bits). So, if people think that this is still ok as an
>> early-stage-3 project, I could also implement ASSOCIATE (if not, I
>> will start fixing some of the OOP PRs).
> IMHO at this point it's probably a better idea to finish the OOP bits
> and have it more or less bug-free before the GCC 4.5 release.  It is
> of course a matter of taste, but I think it is better to have several
> features of Fortran 2003 working fine and others not implemented at
> all, than to have almost all features but not one of them bug-free :-)

Agreed :)

> En passant: Wow, you guys are doing an amazing job.

These kudos really go to Paul, since he did all of the conceptual work.


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