[lto][patch] Update the plugin to use the new API

Rafael Espindola espindola@google.com
Wed Jan 28 17:48:00 GMT 2009

The plugin api used by gold has been updated. Now it is the linker
that closes the files. As a consequence, the plugin cannot assume that
they remain open all the time. This patch updates the lto plugin to
work on the new api.

2009-01-29  Rafael Avila de Espindola  <espindola@google.com>

	* lto-plugin.c (plugin_file_info): Remove fd and elf.
	(parse_table_entry): strdup entry->name and entry->comdat_key.
	(free_1): Free name and comdat_key. Don't close the file. Don't call
	(claim_file_handler): Always call elf_end.

Rafael Avila de Espindola

Google | Gordon House | Barrow Street | Dublin 4 | Ireland
Registered in Dublin, Ireland | Registration Number: 368047
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