Unreviewed^3 Solaris/x86 patch

Rainer Orth ro@techfak.uni-bielefeld.de
Wed Jan 28 16:41:00 GMT 2009

This patch

	4.1/4.2 PATCH: Fix building libffi with Solaris 10/x86 as (PR libffi/26048)

has remained unreviewed for a long time.  Although it has been suggested to
check it in in absence of a Solaris maintainer


I'm reluctant to do so since according to my understanding, it requires a
global reviewer to approve.  Apart from this procedural issue, the patch is
very low risk since it is very target specific and only used in a
configuration that never worked before (i.e. GCC on 64-bit Solaris/x86 with
Sun as).



Rainer Orth, Faculty of Technology, Bielefeld University

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