Committed: fix regression and FAILs with "[PATCH] Don't ignore packed on char bitfields (4.0 regression)"

H.J. Lu
Sun Jan 25 18:44:00 GMT 2009

On Sun, Jan 25, 2009 at 4:12 AM, Hans-Peter Nilsson
<> wrote:
> The fix is trivial, as in the patch below.  It's also obvious
> for the new FAILs, but perhaps the regression,
> gcc.dg/pr17112-1.c is a surprise.  Since I think that warning is
> bogus for a default-packed target(*), I'm happy with this
> change, and since at least one maintainer seems to agree, I'm
> all too eager to consider it obvious as well.  Though CC:ing
> Nathan, as he introduced the warning.
> *) See PR38457, which I think your patch solves for the
> bit-field case.  (The attribute isn't ignored, it just doesn't
> affect the layout.)  As a bonus, got rid of all the bogus fp-bit
> warnings!  Still have warnings for non-bitfields, though.
> Committed.
> testsuite:
>        * gcc.dg/bitfld-15.c: Gate warning on target
>        pcc_bitfield_type_matters.
>        * gcc.dg/bitfld-17.c, g++.dg/ext/bitfield2.C,
>        g++.dg/ext/bitfield4.C: Likewise.
>        * gcc.dg/pr17112-1.c: Don't expect a warning for the packed
>        bitfield for any target.

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