PATCH: eliminate bitmap.c warnings

Ian Lance Taylor
Sat Jan 17 06:19:00 GMT 2009

Tom Tromey <> writes:

>>>>>> "Ben" == Ben Elliston <> writes:
> Ben> I believe this patch fixes two of them, but I am left with a
> Ben> feeling that if it were this simple, it would have already been
> Ben> fixed.  Am I missing something?
> -Wc++-compat is not complete -- it does not detect all C++
> compatibility problems.  If you compile the gcc-in-cxx branch, you'll
> see many more problems, which are also opportunities to improve
> -Wc++-compat :-).  I think Ian was planning to flesh this out a bit more...?

I have a couple of patches ready to go when we go back to stage 1.  At
least, they were ready to go a few months ago, they may need some


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