[committed] MIPS testsuite improvements

Adam Nemet anemet@caviumnetworks.com
Mon Jan 12 21:08:00 GMT 2009

Richard Sandiford writes:
> Adam Nemet <anemet@caviumnetworks.com> writes:
> > However, the good news seems to be that there is no code after this point that
> > is effected.
> But the final setting is the one that determines the file flags.
> If there's no future .option pic2, the file won't be marked as PIC.

I was afraid there was something like this.  But then how did linking succeed
on Octeon/PIC?  Checking....

Apparently ".option pic0" only turns off PIC and not CPIC (-mabicalls) so
linking against -mabicalls objects still works.

If you still find this fragile I can of course work out the pcrel-based
sequence.  Otherwise I just add a comment explaining this.


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