[lto][patch] Clear DECL_CONTEXT of TREE_STATIC decls

Diego Novillo dnovillo@google.com
Mon Jan 12 16:48:00 GMT 2009

On Mon, Jan 12, 2009 at 11:33, Rafael Espindola <espindola@google.com> wrote:

> 2009-01-12  Rafael Avila de Espindola  <espindola@google.com>
>        * tree.c (reset_decl_lang_specific): Clear DECL_CONTEXT of TREE_STATIC
>        VAR_DECLs.

The problem we had in those libstdc++ failures is that these decls
were being emitted during LGEN and WPA but ignored while emitting
symbols in LTRANS.

Patch is OK.


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