[patch] fix thread test cases for solaris.

Andreas Tobler andreast-list@fgznet.ch
Sun Jan 11 22:25:00 GMT 2009

Hi Paolo,

Paolo Carlini wrote:
> Andreas Tobler wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> The below test cases fail under sparc-solaris10, undefined reference
>> to sched_yield or nanosleep. Those are part of librt.
>> This simple patch makes these test cases compile and run under
>> sparc-solaris10. (Not supported under solaris8)
>> Ok for trunk?
> Not Ok. We decided we don't want the user to experience in link time
> errors, and those testcases, if I understand correctly, could be actual
> user code snippets. Thus, we want to solve the issue at a more basic
> level, that is not using inadvertently in the implementation something
> which in general is available only with -lrt. Chris, can you have a look?

Sorry for opening a can ...

I followed the answers and herewith I withdraw the patch. I first did 
not understand your nack. But now I see that it is something more 

I'm open to test patches if that would help.

Btw, I'm astonished that the libstdc++ testsuite does pass flags per 
test case and not per architecture/os switch in the .exp files.
Adding a new architecture/os means editing a lot of test cases and 
adding the needed options....


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