[PATCH] Fix __cxa_exception ABI breakage in 4.4 (PR libstdc++/38732)

Sebastian Redl sebastian.redl@getdesigned.at
Thu Jan 8 15:26:00 GMT 2009

Jason Merrill wrote:
> Jakub Jelinek wrote:
>> As __cxa_exception layout is
>> part of C++ ABI, I think what OO.o does is something we should support.
> Indeed.  We shouldn't have touched this stuff without discussion on
> the ABI list; Sebastian's change broke ABI conformance, and either we
> need to get Jakub's modification blessed by the ABI list,
Please do. For reference, here's the mail I wrote to the ABI list last
May. Except for the type of referenceCount, this is exactly what is
currently implemented in GCC (prior to Jakub's modification).



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