PATCH: gengtype-lex.l warning

Joseph S. Myers
Wed Jan 7 02:11:00 GMT 2009

On Tue, 6 Jan 2009, Kaveh R. Ghazi wrote:

> From: "Joseph S. Myers" <>
> > Have the flex maintainers fixed the general class of problems with the
> > recent flex release series I described in
> > <>?
> I don't know.  However I've successfully built GCC from svn on cfarm boxes
> containing flex-2.5.31 and 2.5.33.  So regardless of whether the m4 mangling
> issue is fixed in general, it doesn't seem to affect *our* lex files.

Not affecting GCC's lex files simply means users of those flex versions 
can build GCC with them.  Affecting non-GCC lex files means requiring a 
newer version for GCC would potentially require some users to maintain 
multiple versions of flex for different purposes, which is rather 
different from a normal increase in minimum required version (although 
there are various cases where *exact* versions need to be required for GCC 
and multiple versions are unavoidable).

Joseph S. Myers

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