{patch, fortran] PR37203: additional checks for RESHAPE

Mikael Morin mikael.morin@tele2.fr
Mon Jan 5 22:10:00 GMT 2009

Hi, I think this can wait for 4.5. What's other reviewers' opinion?

Daniel Franke wrote:
> Hi all.
> This patch adds additional argument checks for the RESHAPE intrinsic.
> These checks are also implemented in simplify.c (gfc_simplify_reshape), but 
> there they are only triggered if all arguments are constant. The implemented 
> checks test each argument individually. 
> I think that the checks during simplification could be removed, but I left 
> them untouched for now.
Hum, we will forget about it, so we should remove them now.
Or if it breaks too much, the common code between gfc_simplify_reshape
and gfc_check_reshape should be shared (calling gfc_check_reshape from
gfc_simplify_reshape is probably enough) so that any fix/improvement
made for one function also affects the other.


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