[Patch] Fix PR target/36834 by adding new -mms-aggregate-return option for MS compatibility

Kai Tietz ktietz70@googlemail.com
Fri Jul 25 22:09:00 GMT 2008

2008/7/25 Ross Ridge <rridge@csclub.uwaterloo.ca>:
> Mark Mitchell writes:
>>Kai's option is documented as a "calling convention" attribute. The
>>placement of the return type is certainly part of the calling
>>convention. So, I think the new attribute should imply this behavior.
> Kai's attribute switches between the AMD and Microsoft 64-bit calling
> conventions.  Neither is used in 32-bit code, where there are different
> set of calling conventions and corresponding attributes (cdecl, stdcall,
> fastcall, regparam, sseparam).  If you want you could invent new attribute
> for this, either something like msstructret or mscdecl and gnucdecl.

Why not using the same attributes for sysv/msabi? It isn't very hard
to adjust the code for 32-bit. The only issue I see is that we might
loose compiling speed. But I don't assume that the costs are very

  Kai Tietz

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