Patch: FYI: avoid use of C++ keywords in gcc/java

Tom Tromey
Tue Jul 1 20:05:00 GMT 2008

>>>>> "Kaveh" == Kaveh R GHAZI <> writes:

>> It already is under the control of -Wc++-compat.

Kaveh> Shouldn't you have "OPT_Wc___compat" in the warning() call?

The check is done earlier, when deciding what keywords exist.  But
yeah, I guess so ... I just copied the other -Wc++-compat warning,
which does not use this flag.

Kaveh> You can get past the -Werror failures temporarily by using
Kaveh> --disable-werror to get to the testsuite.  That will at least tell you if
Kaveh> any testcases fail.

I'll do that.

Kaveh> The warnings can be fixed in the meantime (I'll help if you
Kaveh> like.)

Sure :)


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