RFA: patch to solve PR38495

Vladimir Makarov vmakarov@redhat.com
Sun Dec 21 06:26:00 GMT 2008

The following patch solves PR38495.  The analysis of the problem can be 
found on


Besides fixing the bug, I added more code for debugging purposes which I 
used to analyze the problem

The patch was successfully bootstrapped on x86, x86_64, and itanium.

Is it ok to commit?

2008-12-20  Vladimir Makarov  <vmakarov@redhat.com>

    PR rtl-optimization/38495
    * ira-emit.c (print_move_list, ira_debug_move_list): New
    (add_range_and_copies_from_move_list): Print all added ranges.
    Add ranges to memory optimized destination.

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