sysv/ms_abi attribute fix, part 5, proper call clobbered registers for ms->sysv calls

Jan Hubicka
Wed Dec 17 12:34:00 GMT 2008

> Jan Hubicka <> writes:
> > This patch handles it by adding extra patterns that do have SI/DI clobbers that
> > should force reload to do proper thing (I hope).
> Using unspec_volatile will disable various optimizations.  I don't see
> any reason to use it, as this instruction is not volatile.  Just use a
> plain unspec.

I was always under impression that unspec is more or less expression so
it should appear in set or something.  unspec_volatile is not that much
worse than foreign ABI function call, but I will update it to unspec.
At least rep;return is modelled same way.
> > There is one important and
> > ugly hack in the code concerning static variable last_function_call_abi that is
> > used to hold information about ABI to ix86_expand_call form
> > init_cumulative_args.  There is currently no way to figure out function
> > type/declaration from ix86_expand_call so there is no way to pass around the
> > ABI information.  This is very ugly (and I think it can break when libcalls are
> > needed for argument setup) and any ideas to make this cleaner are welcome.
> You only need one bit of information.  Encode it into the callarg2
> parameter to ix86_expand_call, which is the value returned by
> function_arg when called with mode == VOIDmode.  Currently the value
> encodes the number of registers used for varargs functions.  There is
> plenty of room for another bit (actually this is an rtx so you can do
> whatever you like, but sticking to integer encodings seems
> reasonable).  While you're at it please clean up the incomprehensible
> nest of ?: operators in function_arg_64.

This is actually good idea ;)

> Ian

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