4.3.2 PR37945 RTEMS Socket Binding Mistake

Thomas Quinot quinot@adacore.com
Thu Dec 11 15:40:00 GMT 2008

* Joel Sherrill, 2008-12-11 :

>> This looks to me like a very large amount of code duplication,
>> significantly increasing the maintainance burden.
> This code is dead after this branch so how much maintenance
> is going to happen?
>>  I think it would be
>> better to backport the changes made on trunk to accomodate this
>> difference (from rev. 135709).
> That would impact every target and not be picked up
> by the ACATS so would require testing by hand AFAIK.
> This seems like a lot of churn for very little benefit.

Fair enough. OK as far as I'm concerned as long is we agree (and
document) this is only for the dead 4.3 branch.


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