[vta] merged trunk@142635

Alexandre Oliva aoliva@redhat.com
Thu Dec 11 07:30:00 GMT 2008

I've just checked in a merge from trunk into the vta branch, started
last night.  There are a few bootstrap-debug and -fcompare-debug
errors that I'm going to fix in the near future, but the compiler
bootstraps on most variants I've been testing.

Patches would be too big and wasteful, so I'm not posting them.
Instead, here are the commands one can use to produce the diffs:

# changes brought into the branch by the merge:
svn diff svn://gcc.gnu.org/svn/gcc/tags/var-tracking-assignments-merge-142635-{before,after}@142671

# differences between trunk and the branch:
svn diff svn://gcc.gnu.org/svn/gcc/tags/var-tracking-assignments-merge-142635-{trunk,after}@142671

142635 is the revision from which I started the merge from the trunk.
142671 is the revision in which the last post-merge tag was created.
The latter is only relevant in case any of the tags ends up being
accidentally modified.

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