[LTO][PATCH] Delete temporary ltrans output files

Simon Baldwin simonb@google.com
Tue Dec 9 15:18:00 GMT 2008

Rafael Espindola wrote:
>> Well, before lto-wrapper was factored out of it, collect2 used to set
>> WPA_SAVE_LTRANS if -debug.  lto1 uses this value way, way down the cascade
>> of stuff that happens on WPA "link", in order to suppress removal of its
>> temporary object files.  Passing a command line flag through this whole
>> chain of events was deemed much too disruptive for a debugging feature.
>> So, setting WPA_SAVE_LTRANS if -debug needs to go back into collect2, for
>> lto1.  Given that, isn't it simpler to just use this to retain temporary
>> files in the intermediate lto-wrapper, rather changing collect2 to pass
>> -debug to lto-wrapper?
> Maybe, but I would really like to keep lto-wrapper free of any
> environment variable use. It makes it much easier to copy and paste
> the command lines, and to see what is different from a collect2 or ld
> invocation.

Okay.  Revised patch attached; please take another look.  Thanks.

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