PATCH to gimplify_init_constructor for c++/38410

Jason Merrill
Tue Dec 9 07:12:00 GMT 2008

The issue here turned out to be that on PPC, gimplify_init_constructor 
was deciding to write out the all-zero CONSTRUCTOR to a static variable 
and then copy it into the variable being initialized, which makes the 
compiler blow up because we're doing a bitwise copy of a 

I don't see any reason to write out an all-zero CONSTRUCTOR to a static 
variable, and indeed the comment "don't do this for sparse arrays" in 
gimplify_init_constructor suggests that it's not intended.  So this 
patch makes us stop doing this for sparse arrays: previously we didn't 
do it for large sparse arrays, but still did it for small sparse arrays. 
  It also disables this optimization for TREE_ADDRESSABLE types in case 
someone wants to, say, zero-initialize a class full of pointers to 
members (a null pointer to member has a non-zero bit pattern).

I notice that this function implements the clearing by setting 
CONSTRUCTOR_ELTS to NULL; is that an acceptable expression of "set 
everything to 0" for a front end to generate?

Tested x86_64-pc-linux-gnu, applied to trunk.
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