[PATCH] A new meta intrinsic header file for current and future x86 instrinsics.

Jan Hubicka hubicka@ucw.cz
Fri Dec 5 11:45:00 GMT 2008

> On Wed, Nov 19, 2008 at 9:30 PM, rajagopal, dwarak
> <dwarak.rajagopal@amd.com> wrote:
> >>
> >> If there are no further comments or objections from AMD people in the
> >> next 48 hours, and since this header file is intended for _Intel_
> >> intrinsics, it is OK for mainline.
> >>
> >> BTW: I guess there will be a header file (ammintrin.h ?) introduced to
> >> include AMD defined intrinsics, so gcc can still add x86intrin.h that
> >> will include both immintrin.h and eventual ammintrin.h. Hopefully,
> > these
> >> two intrinsics won't step onto each other toes.
> >>
> >> I hope this eventual solution is acceptable to both contributors.
> > This proposal is not acceptable to AMD for the following reasons:
> >
> > - GCC is an open source compiler that is vendor agnostic. We do not want
> > to see vendor specific intrinsic files, as the ISAs are architecture
> > specific primarily. This is how it has been till now (eg: emmintrin.h,
> > xmmintrin.h, etc). Also there are many examples when AMD adopted SSE
> > instructions after Intel created them, and Intel adopted AMD
> > instructions after AMD came up with them (latest example: popcnt).
> >
> > - We recommend that there is only 1 intrinsic file used for all x86
> > intrinsics. This seemed to have been agreed upon
> > (http://gcc.gnu.org/ml/gcc/2008-04/msg00081.html). We prefer that this
> > file be neutral and vendor agnostic, which immintrin.h is not.
> The majority of the patch is a rename from gmmintrin.h to avxintrin.h.
> This part is not problematic at all and since 4.4 is not yet released
> is OK to commit.
> Let me explain why I think that introducing immintrin.h as the step in
> the right direction for the "master plan" in a little more depth:
> immintrin.h collects all subheaders that are relevant for _intel_
> processors. It is just a header of headers, conditionally included on
> various __SSEx__ defines. Situation up to now was, that we had to
> include the latest Intel defined intrinsic, i.e. "gmmintrin.h" to get
> Intel's intrinsics (and this file included all earlier includes down
> to mmintrin.h) _AND_  latest AMD defined intrinsics, i.e.
> "bmmintrin.h" that includes all intrinsics relevant to AMD processors
> (but for some reason not mm3dnow.h).
> When new intrinsics file was introduced, we have to fix all users to
> include this new file. See for example log history for
> test-all-intrinsics tests gcc.target/i386/sse-{12,13,14}.h. This is
> simply not acceptable.
> However, there is a need for cross-compiler compatibility between
> various compilers, not only icc, FWIW. So, the proposal, to some
> extent harmonized between "other compilers" is to introduce two
> headers:
> -immintrin.h for Intel's intrinsics
> -<whatever>mmintrin.h for AMD's intrinsics, where I propose that
> <whatever> is "a" for some consistency.
> These two intrinsics will just conditionally switch on or off various
> includes, please look at proposed immintrin.h. I think that AMD
> defined will also include various SSEx headers (they are all protected
> against double inclusion), hopefully also mm3dnow.h.
> Finally, a top-level file will be introduced, that will include
> immintrin.h and <a>mmintrin.h. The name of this intrinsic is not yet
> fixed, but it has to be the same as for other compilers. IMO,
> "x86intrin.h" is a good name, I hope it will stay. So, users have the
> flexibility to include x86intrin.h, immintrin.h or <a>mmintrin.h,
> depending on their needs.
> By including "x86intrin.h", subheaders will be conditionally included
> by various -msseX -m<whatever> flags. This is the reason that a lot of
> work has been done on the infrastructure for "this -msseX option
> enables various other -msseX and disables some other -msseX".
> Now, the concrete example is gcc.target/i386/sse-12.c testcase. As you
> can see, it now includes <bmmintrin.h> for AMD intrinsics and
> <smmintrin.h> for Intel intrinsics. (Also it includes mm3dnow.h -
> forgotten by AMD?). With a new scheme, it will just include
> <x86intrin.h>, and everything will be controlled by various -msseX
> options. Try to compile this file without -msse5 for example, you will
> see where the problem lies.
> So I propose that AMD introduces its own intrinsic file, following
> immintrin.h example. There *will be* a vendor neutral x86intrin.h (or
> whatever the name will be agreed to), and AMDs file will be included
> through this vendor neutral header just in the same way as Intels
> file.

Sorry for jumping in late, I was offline most of the week, I must say I
am still missing point here.  Since you know what intrincisc (and thus
what ISA extensions) you use in your codebase you can always include
proper header as one do with any kind of library?

> Uros.

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