[fortran, 4.5] Implement errmsg for [de]allocate

Tobias Burnus burnus@net-b.de
Wed Dec 3 19:29:00 GMT 2008

Hi Steve,

Steve Kargl wrote:
> The attached patch implements the F2003 feature of ERRMSG= in
> the [DE]ALLOCATE statements.  The current patch makes use of
> the infrastructure for STAT= to determine if a failure occurs.
Somehow it does not work if one additionally requests a STAT= variable:

  deallocate(x, stat=i, errmsg=err)
Error: Syntax error in DEALLOCATE statement at (1)

(Ditto for: errmsg=..., stat=...)

Additionally: Can we add a -Wsurprising which checks for the presence of
STAT= when ERRMSG= is given? NAG f95 prints:

Warning: hfjgf.f90, line 6: ERRMSG= is useless without STAT=

>   deallocate(x, x, errmsg=err)
>   print *, err
There are several issues:
a) "deallocate(x, x)" is invalid, which can be compile-time diagnosable
(as e.g. ifort does), better place it in two lines
b) "print *, err" is invalid - it always prints uninitialized value (in
case of success). In case of a failure, it does not print anything as

"If an error condition occurs during execution of an ALLOCATE statement
that does not contain the STAT= specifier, execution of the program is

I will review the patch itself later.


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