SRA bit-field optimization

Alexandre Oliva
Fri Sep 28 09:17:00 GMT 2007

On Aug 24, 2007, Alexandre Oliva <> wrote:

> On Jul  6, 2007, Alexandre Oliva <> wrote:
>> Here's the patch, bootstrapped and regression-tested on
>> x86_64-linux-gnu and i686-pc-linux-gnu (with an oldish, pre-sccvn
>> tree, to be able to test ada as well).  Tests on ppc-linux-gnu and
>> ppc64-linux-gnu underway.

>> Ok to install?

> Ping?


Tests on ppc* passed back then, BTW.


>> for gcc/ChangeLog
>> from  Alexandre Oliva  <>

>> PR middle-end/22156
>> * tree-sra.c (struct sra_elt): Add in_bitfld_block.
>> (sra_hash_tree): Handle BIT_FIELD_REFs.
>> (sra_elt_hash): Don't hash bitfld blocks.
>> (sra_elt_eq): Skip them in parent compares as well.  Handle
>> (build_element_name_1): Handle BIT_FIELD_REFs.
>> (instantiate_element): Propagate nowarn from parents.  Create
>> BIT_FIELD_REF for variables that are widened by scalarization.
>> Gimple-zero-initialize all bit-field variables that are not
>> part of parameters that are going to be scalarized on entry.
>> (instantiate_missing_elements_1): Return the sra_elt.
>> (canon_type_for_field): New.
>> (try_instantiate_multiple_fields): New.  Infer widest possible
>> access mode from decl or member type, but clip it at word
>> size, and only widen it if a field crosses an alignment
>> boundary.
>> (instantiate_missing_elements): Use them.
>> (generate_one_element_ref): Handle BIT_FIELD_REFs.
>> (scalar_bitfield_p): New.
>> (sra_build_assignment): Optimize assignments from scalarizable
>> BIT_FIELD_REFs.  Use BITS_BIG_ENDIAN to determine shift
>> counts.
>> (REPLDUP): New.
>> (sra_build_bf_assignment): New.  Optimize assignments to
>> scalarizable BIT_FIELD_REFs.
>> (sra_build_elt_assignment): New.  Optimize BIT_FIELD_REF
>> assignments to full variables.
>> (generate_copy_inout): Use the new macros and functions.
>> (generate_element_copy): Likewise.  Handle bitfld differences.
>> (generate_element_zero): Don't recurse for blocks.  Use
>> sra_build_elt_assignment.
>> (generate_one_element_init): Take elt instead of var.  Use
>> sra_build_elt_assignment.
>> (generate_element_init_1): Adjust.
>> (bitfield_overlap_info): New struct.
>> (bitfield_overlaps_p): New.
>> (sra_explode_bitfield_assignment): New.  Adjust widened
>> variables to account for endianness.
>> (sra_sync_for_bitfield_assignment): New.
>> (scalarize_use): Re-expand assignment to/from scalarized
>> BIT_FIELD_REFs.  Explode or sync needed members for
>> BIT_FIELD_REFs accesses or assignments.  Use REPLDUP.
>> (scalarize_copy): Use REPLDUP.
>> (scalarize_ldst): Move assert before dereference.  Adjust EH
>> handling.
>> (dump_sra_elt_name): Handle BIT_FIELD_REFs.

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