[fortran,patch] Handle preprocessing with -g3

François-Xavier Coudert fxcoudert@gmail.com
Mon Sep 24 13:24:00 GMT 2007

> This patch seems to cause regressions on i386-linux and i386-darwin.
> I'm seeing new failures with literal_character_constant_*.F and
> g77/cpp5.F at -O3 -g, and your patch looks like the only possible culprit.
> The failures are segfaults due to NULL pointer dereferencing in dwarf2out.c.

This sounds like it's caused by my patch indeed. i386-darwin doesn't
use dwarf2 AFAIK, so I could understand, but I don't see how there can
be i386-linux failures that didn't show up during my x86_64-linux

I'll revert the patch later today, until I have time to design a better one.

Thanks and sorry,

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