ping [PATCH] Fix a deadlock bug in static variable initialization in libsupc++

Jason Merrill
Thu Sep 20 20:01:00 GMT 2007

Eric Botcazou wrote:
>> 2007-09-13  Doug Kwan  <>
>>         * gcc/gthr-posix.h (__gthread_cond_broadcast, __gthread_cond_wait,
>>           __gthread_cond_wait_recursive, __gthread_self, __gthread_equal):
>>           Add to extend interface for POSIX conditional variables.
>>           (__GTHREAD_HAS_COND): Macro defined to signify support of
>>           conditional variables.
> Is this supported by POSIX 95?  If so, gthr-posix95.h should be updated too.

The condition variable stuff is part of 1003.1c-1995, yes.  I assume 
that's what you mean by POSIX 95.  You should be able to just apply the 
same changes to gthr-posix95.h.

> !               get_static_cond().wait_recursive(&get_static_mutex());

Not a big deal, but you should be able to just use 
wait_recursive(static_mutex) here.  Whichever you prefer.

The patch is OK with the update to gthr-posix95.h; I imagine Eric will 
let you know if it breaks for some reason.


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