Patch, RFC: remove unused find_basic_blocks

Laurynas Biveinis
Mon Sep 17 21:59:00 GMT 2007

2007/9/17, Mark Mitchell <>:
> Paolo Bonzini wrote:
> >
> >> This change does not help the 4.3 release in any way, so I'm not
> >> suggesting it for stage 3 mainline and going to commit it to gc-improv
> >> until stage 1/2.
> >
> > Removal of unused function is ok in stage 3, IIRC.
> Sure, that's fine.  If the function is really unused, I consider this
> like fixing documentation: it can't break anything.

Thanks. But I still need to update the outdated comments which
reference the function somehow. If nobody cares, perhaps just remove
them, as they are already outdated and misleading?


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