[PATCH] Cost of inlining when the function has call to a target-specific builtin

Pranav Bhandarkar pranav.bhandarkar@gmail.com
Sun Sep 16 21:32:00 GMT 2007

> This doesn't fit with the modularized cost metrics we have.  That is,
> estimate_num_insns_1 is not only used for inlining.

The comments for estimate_num_insns_1 say
/* Used by estimate_num_insns.  Estimate number of instructions seen
   by given statement.  */

>From this my understanding is that even If esimate_num_insns_1 is not
used only for inlining, wouldnt it be better to get, from the backend,
 a more accurate count of the number of instructions seen by a call to
a target_specific builtin ?

If estimate_num_insns_1 isnt used only for inlining maybe the name of
the hook should change ?


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