[PATCH] -fno-emit-class-debug-always to be default

Seongbae Park (박성배, 朴成培) seongbae.park@gmail.com
Thu Sep 13 09:24:00 GMT 2007

While testing 4.2.x series, we've noticed that
the new (in 4.2) flag -femit-class-debug-always is on by default,
and this causes massive blowup in the object file size.
One of the worst case observed was one particular object file
that had 10x increase in .debug_info section size,
which in turn caused 5x increase in the object file size.

I think this is too much penalty for people
who use debuggers that work fine with -fno-emit-class-debug-always
(which I believe is the majority of people)
- so I suggest we turn this flag off by default.
Tested on i686 by building it without bootstrap.
OK for mainline ?
If it's ok, I'd even like to backport this to 4.2
but that would be a bit more controversial, I suppose.



2007-09-13  Seongbae Park <seongbae.park@gmail.com>

        * common.opt (femit-class-debug-always): Turn off by default.

Index: gcc/common.opt
--- gcc/common.opt      (revision 128456)
+++ gcc/common.opt      (working copy)
@@ -456,7 +456,7 @@ Common Report Var(flag_eliminate_unused_
 Perform unused type elimination in debug info

-Common Report Var(flag_emit_class_debug_always) Init(1)
+Common Report Var(flag_emit_class_debug_always) Init(0)
 Do not suppress C++ class debug information.


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