SSE5 patches round 3

Uros Bizjak
Wed Sep 12 07:10:00 GMT 2007

On 9/12/07, Michael Meissner <> wrote:

> Ok, here is the latest version of these patches.  The floating point
> multiply/add ops are now under a single UNSPEC SSE5_INTRINSIC.  I tightened up
> the code for the scalar floating multiply/add intrinsic, so the upper bits
> always come from the first argument.  I renamed the vec_merge functions to have
> 'vm' in them.  I bootstraped and make check the patches, and got the same
> regressions.  Note, I did apply Ira's patch to params.def when doing the
> bootstrap to reduce the vectorizer errors.  I went back on sse-1{2,3,4}.c to
> adding -msse5 and not adding -msse4a (since that comes on by default).

*** 4998,5003 ****
--- 5626,5633 ----
    if (TARGET_SSE4_1)
      ix86_expand_sse4_unpack (operands, true, true);
+   else if (TARGET_SSE5)
+     ix86_expand_sse5_unpack (operands, true, true);
      ix86_expand_sse_unpack (operands, true, true);

You probably want to unpack for TARGET_SSE5 first, but it is your call.

2007-09-11  Michael Meissner  <>
	    Dwarakanath Rajagopal  <>
	    Tony Linthicum  <>

	* config/i386/i386.h (TARGET_SSE5): New macro for SSE5.
	(TARGET_ROUND): New macro for the round/ptest instructions which
	are shared between SSE4.1 and SSE5.
	(TARGET_FUSED_MADD): New macro for -mfused-madd swtich.

The patch is OK for mainline. If there are any other (minor) issues,
we can address them during stage3.


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