[bfin] Add more cpu types

Bernd Schmidt bernds_cb1@t-online.de
Wed Sep 12 00:31:00 GMT 2007

Jie Zhang wrote:
> This patch makes -mcpu accept the silicon revision of the processor. Now 
> -mcpu option has the form:
> -mcpu=cpu[-sirevision]
> Currently, cpu can be one of `bf522', `bf525', `bf527', `bf531', 
> `bf532', `bf533', `bf534', `bf536', `bf537', `bf538', `bf539', `bf542', 
> `bf544', `bf548', `bf549', and `bf561'. The optional sirevision 
> specifies the silicon revision of the target Blackfin processor. Any 
> workarounds available for the targeted silicon revision will be enabled. 
> If sirevision is `none', no workarounds are enabled. If sirevision is 
> `any', all workarounds for the targeted processor will be enabled. The 
> __SILICON_REVISION__ macro is defined to two hexadecimal digits 
> representing the major and minor numbers in the silicon revision. If 
> sirevision is `none', the __SILICON_REVISION__ is not defined. If 
> sirevision is `any', the __SILICON_REVISION__ is defined to be 0xffff. 
> If this optional sirevision is not used, GCC assumes the latest known
> silicon revision of the targeted Blackfin processor. Without this 
> option, `bf532' is used as cpu by default.
> OK to commit?

Not too happy about the excessive multilibs for a not very interesting 
hardware workaround, but since this matches what we do in our tree, I 
guess it's best to apply this for now.

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