[Patch, fortran] PR29396 PR29606 PR30625 and PR30871 - subreference array pointers.

Paul Thomas paulthomas2@wanadoo.fr
Tue Sep 11 06:33:00 GMT 2007

>> Note: I still get a ICE with the test case from PR29606:
> Oh bother - I'll check that too.
This was one of those cases where I evolved testcases too far from the 
original PR and never returned to check that all was well.

I think that in the present circumstances, where I have missed the 
deadline, I will retire to a quiet corner and fix this problem.  It is 
related to the commented out bit of the testcase.  The span calculation 
is failing on multiple subreferences.  Since this codelet is taken from 
array transfer, I expect that it will do likewise.
> I saw none of that - I think that something bad has happened with your 
> trying to apply the secondary patch.  Note that this latter has 
> nothing to do with subref array pointers and is a regression due to 
> the patch that uses memcpy in assignments, where possible.
I still think that this is the case.  I recharged my tree with the patch 
last night and regtested - all was well.

I'll be back with a fixed version in a couple of weeks.


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